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020 - What?

Why does all this stupid stuff happen while I'm TRYING to work out a way out of here? Like this stupid blackout...  And more people arriving. How am I gonna concentrate with all this nonsense going on?!

((ooc: Yes, Sei is behind as always. School's fault, mostly. -_-;))

019 - Thoughts

How many rooms does this junk heap have if people are constantly finding new ones and new people are constantly arriving?
Perhaps ∞ is the answer... The only one that makes sense.

It's an interesting thing to consider. Adding the possibilities and tweaking the equation constantly so it's plausible. Numbers are the only thing that's constant and sensible.

Until next time, digits.

018 - Heh.

It's been a while, hasn't it, radians? Been working on things - haven't had time to talk to you. I guess you're all still exploring this junk heap. Which makes me wonder how many rooms this stupid house has if people are always discovering new ones...

Never mind, I'm sure someone will come across the exit eventually. Until then, I'll work out my own way to find it.

017 - Vanished?

Hahaha... Uzuki and Kariya DID find a way to subtract themselves from this stupid house after all! So it is possible! That's good. I can keep working to find an escape.

No breakthroughs yet, but this news only multiplies my hopes of getting out of here!

Later, radians!

016 - Hmph.

Well, I didn't expect to see him here. Although with his powers, I'm not surprised he managed it.

[[Filtered // To everyone except Uzuki and Kariya]]

How DID he get here though? It doesn't make any zetta sense.

Never mind. I'll iterate him soon enough. The Composer will soon be nothing but a negative in my grand equation.

015 - People

Uzuki isn't wrong when she says this place is getting fuller. It makes me wonder, though, how subtracted people's brains have to be to fall for this kind of trick.

I've found a breakthrough in my formula. Now all I have to do is keep working with it.

014 - Strange

Hmph. Things are really getting strange now, and for reasons that even I'm zetta confused about. Kind of glad I didn't get out yet, in a way. It just got interesting here... Of course, I don't understand exactly what's going on... But I will soon enough.

Still working on my formula. No breakthroughs yet, but it gives me something to do.

013 - News and newbies

Peh, that was all zetta useless. And as for the nonsense about me and Uzuki not getting on so well, personally I don't think it matters. Obviously I was still GM at the time she's from... Can't believe I'm writing something like that... Anyway... there was no good info in that. CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap!

Heh, and as well as that, looks like we have some new people here... You better be some use to us, radians! Let's see... We have a bunch of odd radians, a scruffy mutt, a pretty serious looking digit, and a digit with a very amusing name. If any of them are worth nothing... I'll iterate them.

Hmm... And as for the secret envelope clues... Zetta not interested at all.

Well, later, radians!

012 - News from home

And not even useful news, either. All nonsense about trends that's worth less than nothing. Although in Uzuki's case...
And getting woken up at 6 AM obviously got on everyone's nerves. Whoever's running that stupid thing should quit it. Hearing people complain < everything else.

And about the 777 thing, who zetta cares? He's just some stupid star. He'll end up being replaced by someone "better" soon enough. But at least I know everything's still going somewhat well back home. Heh. We'll all find a way out, soon enough.

Later, radians. Going to go do something productive.

011 - Prepare to be iterated!

Constantly adding 1 to our already large total. People keep being drawn here, and being trapped like me. It makes no sense, which is why I'm determined to find out more. The first equation failed in its initiation because I didn't see a fatal flaw.

This next equation will be testament to my skills as a genius!